By Ashwathy, June 20, 2016

A piece of work dedicated for those who need to wake up to realize that, "Sincere hard work put in, keeps the potential to beat gifted talents."

Many of us quite well know that what are the merits hidden in ourselves, what are the gifted talents within us .Initially, a small appreciation received for those stuff turns out a great inspiration and gets us into " Motivation - i.e. motive to act" for betterment of that talent. But, eventually what happens if you lose this "Motive to act??" .It turns out a reason for your self degradation.

The very feeling of 70% complacency, accompanied by 10% laziness, 10% procrastination & 10% overconfidence in feeling that you already are good at that task; keeps the potential to destroy that gifted talent of yours.

The quality could be anything :- ranging from your ability to sing, write ,play a particular sport, be a top scorer, or simply be a punctual an d sincere student.

Every quality you posses needs to be continuously practiced and looked after .Continuous betterment of it needs to be done.

This probably is because of the fact that, in this competent world these are people of kind who leave no stone unturned and try by all means, putting in all their hard word to get to a task and excel in it.

There generally are people who write to encourage people to rise from no where up to, pinnacles by putting in hard work. But, what about those who are too lazy for hard work and who just ado things because of mere procrastination, laziness and burn out their gifted qualities in vain! These people are better human resources as their, gifted qualities keeps potential to reach pinnacle, earlier to those who reach it by hard work alone.

So, it is high time for all the lazy, quality holding potential humans, who in true terms can be resources for their nation and world as a whole , to just procrastinate productivity under disability to self restrain and mere laziness.

Wake up . Getup from your seats, shake yourselves up, because you need to realize that your gifted qualities can be beaten by people who have put in sincere hard work to get it.

Realize, as it is said "It never too late ,to be what you could have always been" and also get to know;

“Embedded qualities do not perish off soon, You just have got to get the rust off and you are there to shine like always!”

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Shon Oct 07, 2017, 9:12 PM

Keep up the GREAT work! Waiting for future posts...This made my Day...

ShaunT Oct 07, 2017, 10:15 PM

Awesome post! Keep it up...I'm greatly influenced by the post...

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